Hi guys !

It’s review time ! This time we are going yo be talking about the product we all need and love , it’s concealer . Seeing the hype about the wet and wild base products I got the wet and wild photofocus concealer and I have a lot to talk about it , So let’s get into it !

Product name – Wet and wild photofocus concealer in the shade light / medium beige .

Price and Quantity – 399 rupees for 8.5 ml of product.

Shelf life – 18 months

AvailabilityIt’s available only online in india !

Ingredients- Check out their site for the same !

Packaging & appearance- I love it !! It feels good quality ! It looks just like other concealers out there but it’s not plastic the tube is of glass and the cap is black plastic which is glossy . So in comparison to other concealers with similar packaging I feel this one looks and feels the best . But at the same time it’s not super travel friendly as it’s a glass tube.

Smell – If you have used the wet and wild photofocus foundation then let me tell you it smells exactly the same . It has permanent glue and oil like smell which is one thing I extremely hate about this ! It’s really unpleasant!

Swatch – check out the image below:

My experience- The packaging is very user friendly like a concealer tube should be . So it’s really easy to glide on !

There are 6 shades available, I picked up light / medium beige so if you have fair to medium skin tone or fair with yellow undertones this guy is a perfect match for you ! Or if you use the photofocus foundation in the shade golden beige then you can go with this one !

Talking about the actual product , the concealer is not extremely thick , it’s a little thick like it should be ! It blends out very easily. I use a brush and a beauty blender both and it works just as perfect in both the cases .

Coverage wise it is not full coverage! It’s medium however I would have liked it to be one but it’s not ! If you have a little darker undereyes and you wanna fully conceal them or if you are going for a really dramatic full glam with heavy coverage this guy isn’t the one you should go for but if you are looking for medium natural coverage everyday kinda concealer then it’s great ! Keep one thing in mind do not blend it a lot as it will provide even low coverage and will sheer out learn from my experience dab it and pat it with the spine or brush otherwise you won’t even feel you are using a “concealer”.

The finish is very natural and comfortable . It looks really smooth and soft !

Before buying this product i did read a few reviews and one thing that attracted me that people said it’s hydrating. For me I have dry skin and this dint feel dry on the undereyes but at the same time it’s not “hydrating ” . So if you are buying this thinking it’s hydrating, it’s not ! It’s not drying but it also does not provide extra hydration !

On me it lasts up to 5 to 6 hours without creasing, moving or fading !

I use it as an eyeshadow primer too and it works amazingly well also it’s safe for flash photography soo yayyy !

Pros –

● nice packaging

● Not travel friendly as it’s glass tube .

● Good shade range

●consistency is great

●works well with sponge , brush or even fingers .

● medium coverage

● natural finish great for those who are looking for everyday concealer.

●good lasting power

●works great as an eyeshadow primer too.

Cons –

●only available online

● really unpleasant smell

● over blending or buffing can fade it out .

●Not full coverage

I bliss makeup rating- 4 / 5

Will I repurchase? – Yes! As I love using it for everyday looks also I use it to set the base for my eyeshadows too so I use it a lot and will be repurchasing this !

Do I recommend? – Yes, if you want a natural finish concealer which is affordable and good quality!

Overall summary- A great concealer with good packaging and affordable price. A natural medium smooth finish for everyday but if you are looking for full coverage, it’s not for you . Other than smell everything else is good and makes it a concealer you must try atleast once !

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤
➡CONTACT – iblissmakeupcontact@gmail.com


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