Hii guys!!

I’m back with another post but this time it’s not related to beauty! It’s a guide and some tips on how to create and run your blog. Many of you asked on Instagram about blogging and how to create a blog. So here I am giving you tips and a simple pointers you get you started! I hope it’s helpful to you, let’s begin!!


1) Choose a platform!

I recommend WordPress as it’s the easiest to set up and run!

Their are many tutorials online on how to do it but when you install the WordPress app it’s very easy to understand and it’s just like creating your other social media platforms.

2) Present your blog nicely!

Choose a nice name and theme for your blog, create a brief and informative bio, create a contact page all this is gonna make your site user friendly and attractive!

3) writing posts

WordPress is soo easy to create posts with, use all the features, write your posts always in a manner which reflects your personality! Use bold, headings, whatever makes the content more easy on the eyes to read.

Also always try to include some pictures as it’ll make your content more interesting!

Also use interesting tittles to attract your readers!

4) publishing your content

Now I really want to tell you when I started blogging I dint know I needed to tag my posts too!

Please, please, please tag your posts otherwise its not gonna reach your audience and it’ll be lost between all the millions of blogs out there!


Choose your niche, mine is beauty and lifestyle! Create content based on your own niche. Create content which is helpful for your readers and also which is fun to read!


Now that your site is all ready you must be consistent with your blog! I recommend you to post at least two times a week. I post every alternate day! It depends on you but at least try to post 2 times a week!


Fun fact I’ve grown my blog all through a phone! You don’t need fancy stuff, dslrs, ect… If you have a smartphone that’s all! Click your pictures, edit them and use WordPress app to run your site.

Also you can find pictures in your free WordPress library, in the features below when you write a post, so you can use them too!


Please engage with other people, do not just do your own thing! Support others, read their content, take inspiration from others and inspire them too!


Create social media accounts for your blog! Literally it is the best thing I’ve done for my blog! It opens up a whole another world of people to whom you can recommend your content to!


Set realistic goals and targets about your growth, and wait for it, be patient! Many people leave blogging in between but please stick to it, do not quit!

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

➡CONTACT – iblissmakeupcontact@gmail.com

➡INSTAGRAM- @iblissmakeup


3 thoughts on “❤️HOW TO CREATE AND RUN A BLOG🖥️

  1. dramajunkieblog says:

    There’s one more question for me- How do you keep yourself motivated if your blog is not monetized ? I started my blog out of passion and I was in need for a single platform where I could share all my favourite things in one place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • IBlissMakeup says:

      I feel everytime you get stuck remind yourself why are you doing this, think of the people who have appreciated your work, maybe take a little break sometimes or just sit back and change something, create content which is fun for you personally.. That’s all I do, even after earning through collabs I’ve had moments like this, I totally get your situation ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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