Hii guys!!

It’s time for another summer post because we all know how sweaty , annoying and overall unpleasant summers can get especially if you live in India. Even if you don’t, who doesn’t needs a good refreshing face mask.

You can do this face mask by itself or add it to your pamper routine and it’ll be a great addition to it .

Btw if you want a post on my pamper routine then you know what to do girl , comment it , as simple as that!!

Okay coming back to today’s post we are going to be using 3 ingredients only!!!!! It’s super duper easy, refreshing and gonna remove your sun tan real good !!!!

You’ll need-


2-3 spoons Curd/plain yogurt

1-2 slices of mango


All you gotta do is mash the mango or mix it all together and blend it into a paste and you’re done !!!

Guys don’t forget to do a patch test before.

It’s going to be quick , easy, refreshing, nourishing, and good it you wanna get rid of that sun tan honey !

I hope this was helpful and you liked it, thanks a ton for reading . Come in here tomorrow for an interesting post coming your way .

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