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It’s review time ! This time we are going yo be talking about the product we all need and love , it’s concealer . Seeing the hype about the wet and wild base products I got the wet and wild photofocus concealer and I have a lot to talk about it , So let’s get into it !

Product name – Wet and wild photofocus concealer in the shade light / medium beige .

Price and Quantity – 399 rupees for 8.5 ml of product.

Shelf life – 18 months

AvailabilityIt’s available only online in india !

Ingredients- Check out their site for the same !

Packaging & appearance- I love it !! It feels good quality ! It looks just like other concealers out there but it’s not plastic the tube is of glass and the cap is black plastic which is glossy . So in comparison to other concealers with similar packaging I feel this one looks and feels the best . But at the same time it’s not super travel friendly as it’s a glass tube.

Smell – If you have used the wet and wild photofocus foundation then let me tell you it smells exactly the same . It has permanent glue and oil like smell which is one thing I extremely hate about this ! It’s really unpleasant!

Swatch – check out the image below:

My experience- The packaging is very user friendly like a concealer tube should be . So it’s really easy to glide on !

There are 6 shades available, I picked up light / medium beige so if you have fair to medium skin tone or fair with yellow undertones this guy is a perfect match for you ! Or if you use the photofocus foundation in the shade golden beige then you can go with this one !

Talking about the actual product , the concealer is not extremely thick , it’s a little thick like it should be ! It blends out very easily. I use a brush and a beauty blender both and it works just as perfect in both the cases .

Coverage wise it is not full coverage! It’s medium however I would have liked it to be one but it’s not ! If you have a little darker undereyes and you wanna fully conceal them or if you are going for a really dramatic full glam with heavy coverage this guy isn’t the one you should go for but if you are looking for medium natural coverage everyday kinda concealer then it’s great ! Keep one thing in mind do not blend it a lot as it will provide even low coverage and will sheer out learn from my experience dab it and pat it with the spine or brush otherwise you won’t even feel you are using a “concealer”.

The finish is very natural and comfortable . It looks really smooth and soft !

Before buying this product i did read a few reviews and one thing that attracted me that people said it’s hydrating. For me I have dry skin and this dint feel dry on the undereyes but at the same time it’s not “hydrating ” . So if you are buying this thinking it’s hydrating, it’s not ! It’s not drying but it also does not provide extra hydration !

On me it lasts up to 5 to 6 hours without creasing, moving or fading !

I use it as an eyeshadow primer too and it works amazingly well also it’s safe for flash photography soo yayyy !

Pros –

● nice packaging

● Not travel friendly as it’s glass tube .

● Good shade range

●consistency is great

●works well with sponge , brush or even fingers .

● medium coverage

● natural finish great for those who are looking for everyday concealer.

●good lasting power

●works great as an eyeshadow primer too.

Cons –

●only available online

● really unpleasant smell

● over blending or buffing can fade it out .

●Not full coverage

I bliss makeup rating- 4 / 5

Will I repurchase? – Yes! As I love using it for everyday looks also I use it to set the base for my eyeshadows too so I use it a lot and will be repurchasing this !

Do I recommend? – Yes, if you want a natural finish concealer which is affordable and good quality!

Overall summary- A great concealer with good packaging and affordable price. A natural medium smooth finish for everyday but if you are looking for full coverage, it’s not for you . Other than smell everything else is good and makes it a concealer you must try atleast once !

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤
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Hii guys!!

I’m back with another post but this time it’s not related to beauty! It’s a guide and some tips on how to create and run your blog. Many of you asked on Instagram about blogging and how to create a blog. So here I am giving you tips and a simple pointers you get you started! I hope it’s helpful to you, let’s begin!!


1) Choose a platform!

I recommend WordPress as it’s the easiest to set up and run!

Their are many tutorials online on how to do it but when you install the WordPress app it’s very easy to understand and it’s just like creating your other social media platforms.

2) Present your blog nicely!

Choose a nice name and theme for your blog, create a brief and informative bio, create a contact page all this is gonna make your site user friendly and attractive!

3) writing posts

WordPress is soo easy to create posts with, use all the features, write your posts always in a manner which reflects your personality! Use bold, headings, whatever makes the content more easy on the eyes to read.

Also always try to include some pictures as it’ll make your content more interesting!

Also use interesting tittles to attract your readers!

4) publishing your content

Now I really want to tell you when I started blogging I dint know I needed to tag my posts too!

Please, please, please tag your posts otherwise its not gonna reach your audience and it’ll be lost between all the millions of blogs out there!


Choose your niche, mine is beauty and lifestyle! Create content based on your own niche. Create content which is helpful for your readers and also which is fun to read!


Now that your site is all ready you must be consistent with your blog! I recommend you to post at least two times a week. I post every alternate day! It depends on you but at least try to post 2 times a week!


Fun fact I’ve grown my blog all through a phone! You don’t need fancy stuff, dslrs, ect… If you have a smartphone that’s all! Click your pictures, edit them and use WordPress app to run your site.

Also you can find pictures in your free WordPress library, in the features below when you write a post, so you can use them too!


Please engage with other people, do not just do your own thing! Support others, read their content, take inspiration from others and inspire them too!


Create social media accounts for your blog! Literally it is the best thing I’ve done for my blog! It opens up a whole another world of people to whom you can recommend your content to!


Set realistic goals and targets about your growth, and wait for it, be patient! Many people leave blogging in between but please stick to it, do not quit!

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

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Hii guys!!!

Today I’m back with another blog post all about the top 10 eyeshadow palettes under rupees 1000 available in the Indian market. So if you are hunting for a new affordable eyeshadow palette, I’ve got you all sorted today! Let’s begin guys!!!

Also all these palettes are regularly up on sale so you can buy them for even cheaper on nykaa.com or amazon.in!

1) Wet and wild color icon eyeshadow quad – 299 rupees

Wet and wild has become one of my favourite brands, there color icon palettes are a great quality product at such an affordable price. They came out with new variants in India! All of them are soo gorgeous, you must check them out!!!

2) Essence all about eyeshadow palette – 399 rupees

The pigmentation of these beauty is amazing! In India they came out with 2 variants -one is the neutral one & other one has more pops of color!

3) wet and wild color icon 10 pan eyeshadow palette – 499 rupees

Omgggg!!!! Can’t rave about them enough! I’m literally in love, they perform like a high end palette, shades are superb and especially the ‘ rose in the air’ variant is very comparable to the modern renessance palette! Get it guys, you’ll love it!!!!

4) La colors sweet 16 eyeshadow palette- 675 rupees

They come in 4 variants, each of them is stunning! If you love warm colors, nude colors, cool tones or colorful popping shades,, they have a palette for each one of you!

5) La girl lux mesmerising eyeshadow- 675 rupees

Have you seen the color variants?!! Stunning man!! You need to check them out especially if you would like a specific color themed quad you’ll love it!

6) Sugar blend the rules eyeshadow palette- 675 rupees

They have endless variants to choose from! From all shimmer palettes to the ones with multple formulas! They have everything you need! Do check them out, you are getting great quality at and amazing price!

7) Maybelline city mini eyeshadow palette- 750 rupees

I remember tati on YouTube raving about these & they recently launched in India! Amazing colors, and quality! Do check these out!

8) Makeup revolution reloaded palette- 850 rupees

Can I just say these are my favourite ones in the list?!! I love these beauties soo sooo soo much! They have released new variants too! Guys get your hands on this I’m telling you, you will fall in love with the pigmentation, shades (dupes of high end palettes) & just how easily they blend!

9) Maybelline The nudes eyeshadow palette – 890 rupees

It was my first ever good palette & I still love it! It’s a good one to start off with as a beginner or even if you are a neutral shades fan, Ive hit pan on the dark brown & black as they are perfect to fill in the brows! The quality is amazing!

10) Lakme absolute illuminating eyeshadow palette (French rose) – 995 rupees

I can’t say about other variants as I’ve heard they are not that good in quality but French rose one is literally very underrated palette! With stunning colours and great quality they are a great buy!

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

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Hi guys !

Diwali is on this weekend and we gotta hurry up and get our nails all ready ! With our blingy, colourful and beautiful outfits , bad & chipped nails with unmatched nail paint are just the last thing we wanna do ! So , today I’ve got you all sorted with at home manicure that you can and nail paints to match every ethnic outfit ! So relax , pamper yourself and get your nails festive ready !


1) Start by clean and fresh nails , remove any nail paint if you have it on .

I love using nail paint removing wipes as they are much more gentle & non – drying for your nails ! I recommend the ones by the brand – Kara!

2) File & buff your nails .

Very important step ! Get them in shape to slay those beautiful colors !

3) Push back your cuticles

Make sure you do that it makes your nails look very neat & provides you with more space to work on !

4) Exfoliate your hands .

Make sure you get rid of any dead skin cells soo that you have clean & smooth hands !

I love using nature’s co. body scrub !

5) Soak your hands with a big bowl filled with warm water and gentle soap / cleanser / wash .

I mix my clean & clear face wash or the body shop body wash with warm water! You can use baby wash too !

6) Moisturize your hands with a hand cream and nails with a cuticle oil .

I love the body shop hand cream & Sally Hansen cuticle oil!

Now that your hands and nails are clean and beautiful the last thing is to apply nail paints that matches your ethnic outfits !


1)Nykaa nail paints

Their black to gold collection, unicorn collection are really amazing for diwali !

2) Maybelline nail paints

There glitter mania collection & party girl nail paint collection screams festivities to me! You can layer on the party girl nail paints on top of your favourite nail paint & it looks like you got nail art done !

3) sugar nail paints

Their tip tac toe collection comprises of 71 nail paints of every finish & color so definitely look into them !

4) OPI nail paints

OPI is such a staple when it comes to nail paints so you gotta try them out !They have some gorgeous shades & finishes !

5) lakme gel nail paints

One of my favourite formulas ! They are superb quality & the shade range will suit every outfit of yours!

6) Note cosmetics nail paints

Note cosmetics nail paints I’ve been ghushing over lately ! Formula , staying power & shade range is to die for !!

That’s it for today’s post guys! I hope this was helpful to you! Thank you so, so much for reading.


Hii guys !

Another month ends & I’m back with another monthly haul ! It’s the lovely festive time of the year so this haul is the festive edition ! Also on Instagram I asked you guys if you wanted me to include fashion into this too and you guys said yesssss!!! So here it is ! Let’s begin guys!

💥Makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes!

One of my favourite products in the haul & also the one I had my eyes on from soo long ! I finally got 2 palettes from them ! One is the- eyes like angles palette, which I haven’t used yet but will try it out today maybe ?! Who knows ?!! Second is the – flawless 4 palette ! Omggg I am in love ! I have used this 2 times , it’s bomb ! Everything’s on point soo far ❤

💥 Nykaa bare crush lip palette

I had my eyes on it since the day I saw it ! But I was debating whether to get it or not but finally did ! Love the shades but I’m not the fan of the pigmentation & the brush it comes with ! It’s an everyday palette not necessarily a very glam palette considering the pigmentation too !

💥 Essence long lasting eye pencil in brown !

Love it !!! It’s such a deep brown color just like my eyes looks way less bold than black but just as beautiful as black! A must try out ! It was under 100 rupees which is just amazing with that quality !

💥 Wet & wild contour palette !

Can I just say it’s my favourite already ??!!!! I loved it soo much! The perfect warm brown I wanted for contouring, the perfect non creasing , flawless finish banana powder ! Love it man !! You have to try it ! I got it for way less from the flipkart sale ! Absolutely worth it !!

💥Wet & wild highlighter in the shade precious petals !

It is soo beautiful ! I have fair to medium skin tone & it looks very natural shade wise ! And the intensity you can really build it up to your liking , I am gonna keep using it for a long time now! Loving it !!

💥 Wet & wild foundation buffing brush !

Forget to invlude it in the picture sorry guys !Don’t love it ! Don’t hate it ! It’s pretty in between !! It’s nothing mind blowing so , try out something else like pro arte or pac for the same !🤷

💥My diwali outfit !!

I am really sorry guys not showing you the full outfit as a whole diwali look post is coming up within 2 days so be readyyy !!! Take that sneek peak !!🙈❤

💥 My outfit for my twin nephew’s birthday !

Got this from myntra!! Love it soo much! It was on a crazy discount !

This one right here !

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

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Hii guys !!

Today I have a full DIY skincare routine for you guys so that your skin is all prepared for festive season!! Nothing is better than healthy skin !! So let’s get into it!!


First step is to cleanse & for that you just need 2 simple ingredients! Mix olive oil & a few drops of lavender essential oil ! This DIY cleanser is amazing and hydrating !!


Mix 2 spoons of tomato pulp , 1 spoon of lemon juice & milk ! All of these 3 ingredients do wonders for your skin ! Keep this mixture on your face for a while & wash it off ! And you’ll love the clean skin it gives !


To get glowing & radiant skin mix a spoon of aloe Vera gel , honey , a pinch of turmeric & lastly a few drops of rose water !!


Mix coffee, yogurt & honey ! Massage it into your skin & wash it off ! It’s a great scrub & being a coffee addict I love it soo much !!

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

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Hii guys !!

Diwali is about to come so I decided to share with you all the festive essentials you need !!! From outfits to makeup to what to keep in your bag , you name it , I’ve got it all here !! So shall we get into it cause it’s going to be a ton lot of helpful things !!!


For clothes my outfit recommendations would be having a nice fitted long kurti which you can pair with a contrasting colour skirt, palazo ! Also you can go with a nice crop top and a long skirt ! All these outfits are really comfortable , trendy and festive !!


Have a black , golden , nude heels or flats always in your closet ! It’s gonna match anything & everything you plan to wear & you don’t need to brain storm ! That’s a simple little hack & that’s what I do !


Again !!! Get versatile jewellery that can go with everything ! Like the ones I wore in my navratri series went with every outfit ! I have jewellery with specific color stones but I don’t end up wearing them enough ! Biggest advice- invest in versatile jewellery! Get a good pair of jhumkas , bangles or a ethnic bracelet !


For nails and at home manicure I have a whole blog post coming up in 1-2 days so that will get you all sorted in this department!


Zara , The Body Shop and places like these have some of my favourite accessible fragrances ! Best part ? You can gift them too !! These are amazing and will keep you fresh and amazing smelling all day !!


Keep the base good & popin with the right foundation! My 2 recommendations are for dry skin – loreal true match foundation & for oily skin – wet & wild photofocus foundation! Wet & wild also has some amazing contour palettes & highlighters ! Maybelline mascara & makeup revolution or wet & wild has amazing eyeshadow palettes like flawless 4 & rose in the air respectively! Also concealers from both these brands are amazing to try out !! Also girl , Don’t forget blush & get your brows on fleek & choose a lipstick that goes with your look !


Now is the time to give yourself a good pampering session- get your brows done , your waxing done , put on a face mask , do your nails ! I have a full blog post coming on the full DIY skincare routine you can do to get your skin all ready , healthy & glowing !! It’ll be out very very soon too !


For hair you can straighten or curl them or if you don’t wanna use heating tools , you can go with different styles of braids & buns ! Like French braid , messy buns , sleek buns etc. Also there are a lot of hairstyles you can do if you wanna keep then open ! So there’s a lot you can do !


There are a lot of ethnic clutches you can carry ! Like on Amazon, mantra & nykaa you can find some good ones which are easy & light to carry , Will complement your outfit and will hold on your essentials nicely!


Carry the lipstick you are wearing on that day for sure ! And any other makeup you need to touch up , carry wet wipes or oil controlling wipes according to your skin type !! And yes you are done !!

That’s it for today’s post you guys! I hope you enjoy it or found it helpful in any way. Thank you soo much for reading my blog and coming here!!❤

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