Hii guys!!!!

So first of all i wanna say that this post i did upload yesterday but i don’t know how how i clicked on trash instead of stats button and this post got deleted but only a few of you did read it before it got deleted so i decided to post it again today because guys this is my favourite face scrub just needs 2 ingredients , its nourshing , non drying , yet sucks out all of the dirt . It’s just my holy grail and it’s PERFECT!!!

✔ You’ll need-



✔ Process –

Take a bowl , dump in your sugar i did 3 spoons and squeeze your tomatoes into the bowl too i did 2 medium ones and mix it all up and you are done !!!

✔ It’ll look like this-

✔ Remember-

Do not make a puree and put , we want the juice not the puree so squeeze the lemon with the help of your hand.

Don’t be scared of those seeds they are also gonna be in the scrub.

After mixing you’ll see that the sugar has settled down from the juice don’t worry . Mix it before applying and apply with hands to get the ingredients properly.

And lastly don’t forget to do a patch test before applying .

I hope you guys found this helpful , do try it out and come in here on Wednesday for a brand new post . Thank you soo much for reading ❤

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Hii guys,

Today initially i was gonna post another post which you are gonna see on sunday but as i was eating my lunch i thought why not share with you guys what I’m eating . This is the salad i eat almost 4 times in a week and i love how it is so filling yet tasty .I accompany this with a big glass of buttermilk. I have recently lost about 6 kgs , leave a comment if you want a post on that but more than that i feel like to keep your skin good, to feel good you gotta eat right . I’m no way claiming to eat healthy all the time i do have my fair share of cheat meals but i do regularly keep an eye on what’s going inside my body. Enough of my rambling 😂let’s get into it

First of start by taking a big salad bowl so that I can mix everything easily instead of spilling it everywhere!

Next take about one small cup of black chickpeas. They are so tasty, very filling and healthy for you so i take that and dump it into the salad bowl. These are soaked and boiled !!!

Now i add my vegetables-

I add in chopped onions and capsicums.

Now I add chopped mushrooms and corn.

You can do the same as i did or add another vegetable which you like , it’s highly customisable!❤

Now add in your spices

I do a pinch of salt and and some black pepper and a bit of chat masala .

Now is the time for the sause , i don’t add any outside or packaged sauces because they are high in calories and low in nutritional content .

So , i add in the homemade green coriander chutney / sause . If you are an Indian it’s most likely in your fridge already if not and if you wanna know how to make it then you can search it on YouTube .

I add 2 spoons of that !

Next step is to stir and mix it all up really well and you are ready to enjoy it . Accompay it with a cold drink like i have buttermilk with it and your summer lunch is sorted !!

I hope you found this helpful , do try it out and i hope you’ll like it . Do come in here on Sunday for another interesting post coming for you. Thank you soo much for reading ❤

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Hii guys !!!

Today im so excited to share this look with you guys . I created this yesterday and I’m in love with it . I’m not saying in any way or means that im best at what I do but I’m just saying that the look turned out well and i loved it ! Now to be extremely honest i was creating a cut crease look but it didn’t turn out to be that I’m still working hard on perfecting the cut crease look but I’m not mad . Makeup takes love , patience and practice and I’ll get there soon .😊

Little disclaimer guys im not crying in the picture my eyes were watery😂😂😂 and don’t mind that right brow bone highlighter it looks weird in picture i don’t know why !!

Coming back to this look i went for the blue vibes as you can tell , a nude pink lip with this would complement it beautifully and yaa just a little heads up i had a big glass of coffee before I started writting today’s post so please bare with me rambling throughout the post 👅🙈😂

Okayyyyy guys let’s get started now –

💙First of i did my brows and defined them with the help of a concealer , guys the focus of your face will be the eyes so work on them brows too ! I used the Maybelline fit me concealer to define them as well as prime my eyes . Then I set them using this shade from the Maybelline nudes palette as it’s closest match to my skin tone .

💙 Next up we get to the actual makeup look . I am using this cool toned brown from the same palette on my crease and blending it out .

💙 Next im using the sfr color palette , you can find it on Amazon. I’m using this grey shade in this palette and the grey in the Maybelline palette , mixing them together and blending them as i go on my crease too. Take your time in blending that crease .

💙Next up i took the fit me concealer on a flat eyeshadow brush and covered the lid area . As I told you I was initially going for cut crease but din’t end up with that ! But anyways its great for the shadows that we are gonna put on next ..

💙 Now I’m taking 3 shades from my incolor eyeshadow palette, the 3 blues . I’m starting with the lightest one on the inner part of my lid , the darkest one which is the last one on the centre of my lid and the middle shade at the outer part of my lid . Most important i did spray my brush with Mac fix plus to get this color intensity to really make it pop !!!

💙Next blend everything together, i did a winged liner using my lakme shine liner , and did my lower lash with all brown i used on the crease and all the 3 blues . Most, most , most important step here is to use a black eyeshadow and join the winged liner with the colours we used below the lower lash to really make it look seamless and kinda ombre don’t extent it till the inner corner though.

💙Next I went and did my lashes with my Maybelline mascara and waterline with the Maybelline colossal kajal .

💙Finished of by my incolor baking highlighter in 01 and used that in my inner corner and my brow bone .

💙 Last important step is to redo your under eye concealer I did it before starting the look and after too because we did such a dark and poping eye look so we really want those under eye to look brighten and it’ll really make the look lift up instead of looking dull .

So yaa that’s how I did it , i really hope that you guys will like it and found it helpful in any way . Do come in here again on Friday because I have a very interesting post coming up for you !! Thank you so much for reading! ❤

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INGLOT MAKEUP HAUL- Great deal + Amazing products!!

Hii guys!!!

Today i have an exciting post as y’all can tell . Being a makeup junkie i love makeup hauls as i get to see what are some of the offers , new products or just overall great deals that are out there . Talking about great deals you are going to be surprised by the offer that I picked these items on .

So i picked 3 items but guess what ?!! I paid for only one . So inglot had this offer that I can pick any of the selected foundations and then there was this whole kinda rack of products that i can choose from . So i had to pick the foundation , pay for that and i get to take any 2 products from that rack / box kinda thing .

I thought it was amazing , i grabbed the deal . So let’s get into what products i exactly picked up-

Starting of the one product for what i paid for is their cream foundation . Guys i have dry skin and so i thought it’ll be a great buy . Well it is a great formula can’t deny thatbut they didn’t had my shade so i got a lighter one because I had a foundation which oxidizes on me so these both mixed give an on point shade , formula and everything so I’m quite happy that i got an amazing deal + I got to utilize a foundation which was not my shade .so, it’s a win -win situation!!!

This costed me 1600 rupees . That means according to the offer i paid 1600 rupees for 3 products . Even 3 products from drugstore now a days cost equivalent or more that that .

Next up are the 2 free products that i picked-

And the first one is one of my holy grail products , the inglot AMC face and body powder matte . Now basically to make it simple it’s a little pallette, you can use as eyeshadow , as blush as anything so , i just swirl my brush around, mix up tge shades and use it as a blush and guys it’s so beautiful!!!! I’m in love! This is shade 91.

Next i picked up their- inglot face blush. Guys this color is so unique , the lighting yesterday was not great when i clicked the pictures but it’s like a light brown which as warm undertones . Looks so beautiful on the cheeks , it’s amazing ! This is shade number 42 .

So , these were the 3 products i got literally at the price of one . I hope you enjoyed this haul . More hauls coming soon as i told you guys in yesterday’s chit chat post , if you haven’t checked it out go check it out .

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❤CHIT CHAT – life update , blogging schedule + more❤

Hii guys!!!!

First of all I wanna know how’s your sunday going ?! My Sunday went into a lot of prepping for my brother’s wedding that is coming in a few weeks . Also i did end up doing a lot of online shopping 🙈 expect future hauls !!! And you guys I’m so so so excited all the outfits and looks and jewellery, makeup everything for the wedding is sorted . As y’all know Indian weddings are extra af 😂 so I’m gonna share all of that in upcoming weeks too .

Also I do apologize for not posting much this week i did have a lot of posts planned but i was sick for straight 4 days this week so things didn’t go as planned 😿

But now im doing good and i will post consistently now . It’s been just 4 days but i miss taking pictures and writing content . Also as y’all know i did post every single day since I started my blog but know I’ve realized that to give you the content to the best of my ability i need time to really put in my best in each post so the schedule will start from tomorrow onwards ( monday) –

I’ll post every alternate day starting from monday that means I’ll post on following days –

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, sunday

So you’re getting 4 posts per week full of makeup, skincare, lifestyle content that will both be helpful to you and will be fun to read !!

Also a recap for all the content i posted this week so that you don’t miss any and get all at one place itself-


❤MY MAKEUP STORAGE+ ORGANISATION + HACKS ( you guys showered your love on this one , thank you so much ) – read here


I hope you enjoy reading these and the upcoming content and i wish you guys a happy , fun and relaxing sunday !! See you tomorrow!!❤

Nykaa.com Picks My Makeup|😱

Hii guys!!

As you’ll know nykaa is my favourite website to order my makeup and skincare products from so today I decided that nykaa should pick makeup for me . I’ve seen this concept all over YouTube so today I decided to do it for myself.

So how this works is that whatever makeup i wanna wear for example foundation then the first two results that pop up , i have to select one as my product for the day . So let’s get started-

So I’ve already preped my skin let’s start with foundation so these two poped up –

So I’m choosing the Maybelline fit me foundation.

Next let’s move onto concealer –

You’ll know i love my Maybelline fit me so im gonna go on with this one!!

So far I’ve been liking what nykaa is picking up for me .

Next we are going in for blush –

Guys , I’m picking up the color show blush .

Next set is to set the face so I’m going to search again

Oh wow Maybelline compact powder my favourite for the win !!

As today is a normal stay at home day im moving in with the eyes now.

Let’s do brows first –

So we have done too much Maybelline so I’m going to choose the miss Claire eyebrow pencil for my brows .

Next for my eyeshadow pallette these were the recommendations-

Guys I wanted the wet and wild eyeshadow pallette but in another shade which is sadly out of stock so I’m going in with Maybelline nudes eyeshadow palette today .

For eyeliner –

I had the lakme one but it dried so i decluttered it out so Maybelline gel eyeliner is my only option. I don’t like this at all guys but gotta go with this one 😩.

Next for my kajal nykaa picks-

Maybelline colossal was my first ever kajal and first ever makeup product of my life so I’m gonna choose this.

For lipstick nykaa picked up-

Thank god theres no Maybelline in here but it was in top 3😂😂😂

I’m going in with Elle 18 lipstick but in glossy version.

In all this is what nykaa picked up for me –

I’m happy that nykaa picked some of my favourites but some not so favourite products too so it was a good mix of both .

I hope you guys liked it . It was fun to do . Do come in tomorrow for an exciting post.

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Hii guys!!!

Today’s post is all about organisation and storage . We all are big makeup junkies and we love to collect and hoad makeup because why not ?!!! But proper storage is needed to take care of all of our expensive makeup and also it’s important so that you can see everything in your collection and also display it for others to see . I’ve thrown little hacks too .

So , ive given you all the details on how i store my makeup to give you some ideas . The whole thing is affordable and pretty and colorful.

So this is a 3 tier display and storage table half . Currently I’m using only the uper most level of it . This i don’t know where it is from because I borrowed it of off my dad’s office so i really can’t tell you .

Let’s get into the actual organisation part .

💥You can use any containers , you can use chocolate boxes and stuff too if you don’t wanna buy a lot

💥 Before buying containers categorise your makeup and buy containers as per your requirement.

💥Before starting let me tell you that inglot bag and mac bag is just not for decorating or display alone in my mac one i store cotton roll to hide that ugly looking thing 😂 and also in inglot one i store my sun glass covers and stuff .

( Btw i shopped from inglot this the previous week so haul coming soon😉)

So I’ve color coded everything respectively-

💥Pink containers – lip products

I store lipbalms , lip pencils , and lipsticks in these .

💥Blue containers – eye products

As you guys can see one is a bit slanted and the other one is broad and rectangular .

In the slanted one i store my eyeshadow palettes and i kid you not you can store a lot in there.

In the rectangular one i store mascaras, kajal and eyeliner and some single shadows ,guys this one also fits a lot !!

💥Small blue containers and metal bucket – makeup tools

Sponges , dirty sponges , beauty blenders , brushes y’all know the drill.

💥Round blue container- nail paints

I mean this is the prettiest one amongst all i store my nail paints in this.

💥Brown containers – base products

One is for my foundations, bb creams, setting spray , primers and other one for compacts, blushes , contour powders and highlighters .

💥White knitted basket- skincare

💥All the plastic containers and the metal bucket are from the 99 store .

💥All the containers together costed me only 500 -600 rupees , i mean wow !! I’ll bring more of these because i have recently bought more makeup and plan on buying more so my lipstick and foundation one is full 😅

I hope this was helpful to you let me know if you want a makeup collection or anything i would love to put it out for you . Also come in here tomorrow to check out another interesting post. Thanks a ton for reading!!!!

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